Q: Where is the conference being held?

A: The University of Toronto's St. George Campus located in the centre of Downtown Toronto. Multiple buildings on campus will be used as facilities during our conference.

Q: My team has six or more members, are we still allowed to compete?

A: Unfortunately our member limit per team is five (5) people. This is to provide equal opportunities for other teams who wish to participate.

Q: Does our team require a supervisor to be present during the competition?

A: Yes. Your supervisor must be a teacher from your school who will accompany you to the workshops, as well as both competition days. 

Q: I live in Toronto and don't need a hotel or accommodation, will that affect my registration cost?

A: Our registration fees are solely based on the member's participation in the conference and do not cover any accommodation costs. If you have alternative methods of residence during your stay in Toronto, please remember you will need to provide your own method of transport to and from the conference. Keep in mind that traffic in Downtown Toronto is especially congested in the mornings and afternoons. 

Q: Can my parents and/or friends come to the conference?

A: Public admission is only permitted during the design fair on the second day of the conference. Please refer to the agenda for further information.

Q: Do you offer discounts on hotels/airfare during the conference?

A: We do not have any affiliated airlines/hotels this year, but please refer to our Getting Here webpage for further information on local hotels.