The University of Toronto Space Design Contest (UTSDC) is an engineering outreach program at the University of Toronto. It is an annual competition for high school students that presents a challenging aerospace-related problem to student teams and tasks them to design innovative solutions. This teamwork culminates in a short report as well as a group presentation at the Design Conference in June.


In February, participants can attend a workshop where they will receive feedback and mentorship on their designs from U of T engineering professors and students, as well as have the opportunity to attend a speaker seminar session and build science leadership and teamwork skills. This internationally-recognized competition brings together students from across North America, and in recent years, we have had participants from as far as Taiwan and India. UTSDC is an excellent opportunity for students to gain exposure to the university setting, and explore their interests in science, mathematics, and engineering.

The UTSDC serves as an enrichment program as well as a major source of student recruitment for the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto. During our events, students not only interact with faculty and current U of T students, but they are also exposed to life as engineering and science students at U of T, through opportunities such as peer-to-peer mentorship, professional seminars, team building exercises, and tours of campus as well as the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. 

UTSDC 2018


Pamela Psarianos


Contact: utsdc.chair@gmail.com

Competitions Director

Contact: utsdc.competitions@gmail.com

Andy Toulis

Finance Director

Contact: utsdc.finance@gmail.com

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Krishna Veerappan

Vice Chair

Contact: utsdc.vicechair@gmail.com

Vyshnavan Murukaiyah

Operations Director

Contact: utsdc.operations@gmail.com

Kevin Zhang

Media Director

Contact: utsdc.media@gmail.com

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